CMS Concrete Products Sdn Bhd produces:

  • Bridge Beams (manufactured to JKR Standards)
  • Pre-tensioned Concrete I-Beams
  • Post-tensioned Segmental Concrete I-Beams
  • Reinforced Concrete Square Piles (150mm to 400mm, manufactured to MS 1314:Part 3:2004 & MS1314:Part 6:2004)
  • All types of Reinforced Concrete Products including Precast Box Culverts
    (designed to BS 5400:Part 2 & Part 4: 1984 Standard)
  • All types of Road Kerbs (to JKR and Council Standards)
  • Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Pre-fabricated Industrialised Building System (IBS) components such as wall panels, precast columns, precast beams, RC half slabs and also precast staircases.