CMS Cement Sdn Bhd (321916-K), CMS Cement Industries Sdn Bhd (49256-V) & CMS Concrete Products Sdn Bhd (366884-X)


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CMS Cement Sdn Bhd – Pending Grinding Plant

This Division is made up of three companies, CMS Cement Sdn Bhd, CMS Clinker Sdn Bhd and CMS Concrete Products Sdn Bhd.

As a core business of Cahya Mata Sarawak since 1974, CMS Cement enjoys the distinction of being an integrated cement manufacturer, providing quality cement for customers across Sarawak through a well-established and efficient delivery system.

CMS Cement produces the CEM 1 standard of Portland Cement and operates grinding plants in Kuching and Bintulu, at a combined rated capacity of 1.75 million MT per annum. CMS Cement also oversees the operations of the 6,000 MT marine flat store terminals in Sibu and Miri that are outfitted with packing and bulk distribution capabilities.

CMS Cement Sdn Bhd – Sibu and Miri Bulk Terminals

The two cement plants are supported by 6,000 MT marine flat store terminals in Sibu and Miri via a custom-made pneumatic all-weather Bulk Cement Barge (BCB) where they are conveyed to a flat store.


CMS Cement Sdn Bhd – Bintulu Grinding Plant

Situated on a 7-hectare site at Tanjung Kidurong Industrial Estate, the Bintulu grinding plant was established in 1998. It has an annual production capacity of 750,000 MT, catering to the needs of the rapidly growing north-east region of Sarawak.

CMS Cement Industries Sdn Bhd

CMS Cement Industries Sdn Bhd, the State’s sole clinker manufacturer, has a clinker production capacity of 0.84 million MT per annum. This plant is able to meet up to 85% of the clinker demand of CMS Cement’s plant in Kuching.

Launched in Q2 2016, East Malaysia’s First Integrated Cement Plant (click to watch video) is situated on a 25-hectare site at Mambong, Kuching. This integrated facility will be able to produce 2,800 MT of clinker per day and 1.0 million MT of cement annually. This will increase the total production capacity by almost 60% with an annual combined rated production capacity of 2.75 million MT per annum. Press Release


CMS Concrete Products Sdn Bhd

CMS Concrete Products Sdn Bhd continues to grow from strength to strength and builds a reputation for itself as a highly reliable manufacturer of pre-formed concrete products. Via a 70,000 MT per annum facility in Kuching, the Company has the capacity to produce a full range of Industrialised Building System (IBS) products and solutions.